Project Description

Project carried out in the Sol Marino Urbanisation in Orihuela Costa (Alicante), with over 3.500 m2 of green areas.
Noticeable components are the flower beds dressed with aromatic plants (rosemary, lavender, santolinas and incense), perennial plants and bushes (lantanas, gauras, escaevola, daisies, euriops, cupheas, veronicas, plumbagos, polygalas, carpobrotos, verbenas, etc), trees (tipuanas, jacaranda, cercis siliquiastrum, olive trees), and conifers (lambertianas, thuyas orientalis and thuyas occidentalis and cypress).
The final result is a varied and colourful atmosphere which makes each corner of the urbanisation special.
In this Community we are responsible for the maintenance of the green areas, the swimming pool and the communal areas.